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the Australian frontier wars, it led to the deaths of several Aboriginal people." Midnightblueowl ( talk ) 14:28, (UTC) The second paragraph in the lede really covers two distinct topics: the disputed number of those killed. I have used the Vibe article which helps source her birth year (1973) as it just mentions her age and not her exact birthday (however the full date is not necessary for this particular article). It adds a little emphasis to just how weak and disorganised the defences were, while deleting "both" makes it seem that one of the words is redundant. Kaiser matias ( talk ) 03:36, (UTC) As someone who writes about historical, often forgotten subjects, I'm glad to be detailed in my review.


Barely legal Ebony teen Nia Naccis tight pussy gets stretched. And on several other FAs. At present we have the English spellings centre, defence, favourable, haemophilia, kilometres, organisations, publicised and travelled and the American center, criticized, defense, and (weirdly) maneuvered. I would suggest dividing that paragraph in two because of this. It wouldn't hurt to link maximum sustained winds. If there are any other comments or suggestions, quite beyond the requirements of FA, for the improvement of the article, please feel free to let me know. I'm finding him increasingly incorrect. Noah Talk 03:44, (UTC) "Around that time, the NHC noted that banding features" link to rainband. Is it generally better to include location for all book sources in your estimation? Here are a few initial comments. Jo-Jo Eumerus ( talk, contributions ) 17:46, (UTC) Done. Cheers, Ian Rose ( talk ) 03:34, (UTC) Comments Support by PM edit This article is in great shape. Hawkeye7 (discuss) 19:21, (UTC) Comments from Factotem edit Chidhood and education ".to Virginia (Stewart)." Presumably her maiden name, but without the nee (or whatever) it popped out at me as a rather masculine original first name that was subsequently changed; Changed as suggested. The family tree is impressive; the prose is very readable; the content is clearly expounded without excessive detail; the article is thoroughly and widely referenced; there are judiciously chosen images throughout. Ready and standing by for the next round! .

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Mutter als sklavin porn milf hunter I consider the sources to be current, as these things. Noah Talk 23:20, (UTC) Sources review edit Ref 10: should give language (Spanish) Ref 11: the title is given in English translation rather than the Spanish original. Lancaster then took 2,000 men and cut a swathe through French territory on a mounted raid lasting seven weeks, covering 350 miles, capturing numerous French towns and castles, and sacking the provincial capital, Poitiers. In goes the colon! Exactly what was needed, I think. The template documentation almost certainly explains how to fix. I thought they get pornos legal chinesische schlittenfahrt reassigned to a unit, but return to a country. As a result of its impacts, including a death toll of 74, the name Connie was retired from the Atlantic hurricane naming list. After a GA review from Gog the Mild, an A-class review from Peacemaker67, Dumelow, and Zawed, I feel this meets the criteria.
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Public sex on the island, Cumming in my panties - Freya Stein. Verification A eberhardt reisen singlereisen albisrieden sample of spotchecks reveals no evident problems of verification or close paraphrasing Formatting Is there a reason for the capitalization of Brill in the list of sources (Kennedy 2003, Sobernheim and Zetterstéen)? It has undergone a Copy-Edit and passed GAN, and I believe it is now comprehensive and well-written to pass FAC. Ceran thor 13:07, (UTC) Thank you! 944 mbar (27.9 inHg) is there a reason for rounding here? Re-worded, hope that makes it clearer.

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