Picture of Gajos-Gržetić Małgorzata
Special day on Skiathos, Greece, 26.09.2015
by Gajos-Gržetić Małgorzata - Sunday, 18 October 2015, 1:49 PM

On 26th of September 2015 in Skiathos, Greece at the Skiathos Palace Hotel there was a meeting of Greek Mayors to discuss development opportunities for the islands of the North Sporades island complex, of which Skiathos island is a part. Chrysi Laspidou (CERTH) had a chance to address the Mayors and make a presentation of the ISS-EWATUS project, while she stood by a poster for the project and spent more time with people who had extra comments/questions. 60 participants took part in that spatial day meeting - Mayors and other stakeholders involved in local and regional authorities, as well as Skiathos island residents and other participants from the local community. Overall it was a very successful event and a great opportunity to get the local community involved. The presentation was in Greek.