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Prototype of ISS-EWATUS social media platform
by Gajos-Gržetić Małgorzata - Friday, 15 January 2016, 6:49 PM

The ISS-EWATUS project will introduce a social media platform, called WaterSocial, a social network supporting the local, national and international layers and aimed at many different stakeholders. Within WaterSocial, users will be able to:

1) share and geotag their knowledge and images related to water use,

2) discuss water-usage topics shared by local communities,

3) ask questions, or

4) answer questions from other users

5) validate the answers by online communities.


WaterSocial will allow to import the water usage data from household users, and patterns will be visualised in different formats. Users will also be able to compare their water use patterns with those of their friends.


 WaterSocial will also introduce the content redistribution and gamification mechanisms. The first will automatically push the user-created content to the popular social Websites such as Twitter and Facebook. The second will push the WaterSocial user experience to a new level, where users complete quests, earn reputation points, establish achievements and compete with their friends and other users. The gamification mechanism will also empower heterogeneous applications to be integrated with the platform, e.g. the EGA (Ewatus Gamification Application, in both Android and iOS versions).

 Detailed description in deliverable D5.1., D.5.2.