Picture of Gajos-Gržetić Małgorzata
Congress SMART - Intelligent Cities, Wrocław, 25.05.2016
by Gajos-Gržetić Małgorzata - Tuesday, 31 May 2016, 5:53 PM

ISS-EWATUS took part in one of the Congress SMART - Intelligent Cities, which was organised in Wrocław on 25th of May 2016.
Representative of ISS-EWATUS (from US) presented poster and delivered a speech in expert session, entitled "ISS-EWATUS as an example of an innovative informatics system for the management of water resources in the city and households".
Congress in Wrocław is one of four organized in Poland in 2016 edition: the first in Płock (4.04.), second in Wrocław, third in Cracow (22.06), fourth in Poznań (8.09). ISS-EWATUS is one of the Congress Partner. LINK