Topic outline

  • Management

    • Steering Committee (SC)

      Consists of one representative of each partner, authorised to take binding decisions on behalf of their organisation regarding project issues to avoid any unnecessary delays.

        1. Prof. Zygmunt Wróbel
        2. Dr. Jan Skowronek
        3. Prof. Shuang-Hua Yang
        4. Prof. XiaoHui Liu
        5. Prof. Jose L. Salmeron
        6. Prof. Leandros Tassiulas
        7. John Sarris
        8. Odysseas Spyroglou
        9. Richard de Loor
        10. Beata Stankiewicz
      • Project Board (PB)

        Consists of Project Coordinator, the Science and Quality Manager and the Validation and Evaluation Manager, Dissemination Manager and representatives of all WP Leaders.

        1. Dr. Ewa Magiera (Coordinator)
        2. Dr. eng. Wojciech Froelich (S&Q Manager)
        3. Dr. Małgorzata Gajos-Gržetić (Dissemination officer)
        4. Rafał Ulańczyk
        5. Dr. Lili Yang
        6. Dr. Andrea Capiluppi
        7. Dr. Chrysi Laspidou
        8. Stavros Tekes
        9. Dr. Sandjai Bhulai
        10. Prof. Jose L. Salmeron (Technical Manager)
        11. Dr. Tomasz Jach (V&E Manager)
        • Scientific and Quality Board (S&QB)

          Is nominated to assure the high scientific level, technical quality of the research and the project’s results. The Board consists of representatives of all partners (at least 1 per organisation).

          1. Dr. eng. Wojciech Froelich (S&Q Manager)

          2. Dr. Ewa Magiera

          3. Dr. Katarzyna Samborska

          4. Łukasz Podsiadło

          5. Dr. Lili Yang

          6. Dr. Andrea Capiluppi

          7. Prof. Jose L. Salmeron

          8. Dr. Chrysi Laspidou

          9. Dr. Elpiniki Papageorgiou

          10. John Sarris

          11. Stavros Tekes

          12. Dr. Sandjai Bhulai

          13. Prof. Piotr Porwik

          14. Rafał Ulańczyk

          15. Prof. Shuang-Hua Yang

          16. Kostas Kokkinos

          • Validation and Evaluation Board (V&EB)

            Board is nominated to overlook the validation and evaluation process and ensure that expected technical level of the developed solutions is reached. It should be constituted by technical experts selected by all partners.

              1. Dr. Tomasz Jach (V&E Manager)
              2. Dr. Lili Yang
              3. Dr. Andrea Capiluppi
              4. Prof. Jose L. Salmeron
              5. Dr. Chrysi Laspidou
              6. John Sarris
              7. Stavros Tekes
              8. Dr. Sandjai Bhulai
              9. Rafał Ulańczyk
              10. Jarosław Jakuć
            • Advisory Board (AB)

              Should be established, gathering numerous stakeholders from outside of the consortium, but important for its proper implementation: technical professionals, legal advisors, end users etc. Every partner has the right to propose participants of the Advisory Board. The final content of the Advisory Board should be established during the first meeting of the consortium.

              1. Melanie Brown
              2. Doug Clarke
              3. Dr. Andreas N. Angelakis
              4. Dr. Katarzyna Abramczuk
              5. Prof. Cornelia Boldyreff
              6. Dr. Evaggelos Kosmidis
              7. Dr. Saket Pande
              8. Prof. Bogumil Ulanicki
              9. Bambos Charalambous
              • Technical Board (TB)

                1. Prof. Jose L. Salmeron (Technical Manager)
                2. Prof. Shuang-Hua Yang
                3. Dr. Andrea Capiluppi 
                4. Dr. Tomasz Jach
                5. Dr. eng. Wojciech Froelich
                6. Kostas Kokkinos
                7. Stavros Tekes