Conferences, workshops, special days, seminars are the interactive channel of dissemination. Attendance, presentations, posters from the events will be reported. National and international conferences are an important opportunity to share ISS-EWATUS achievements with experts in the field.

Project meetings are excellent opportunities for projects to learn from each other, discuss common issues, and get feedback on their work.

This topic includes task for execution by the participants of the ISS-EWATUS project and is available only for participants (mainly leaders and persons responsible for dissemination).

In this topic links of any kind of information about ISS-EWATUS project which will appear on the websites will be registered.

Every opportunity to get published articles containing the results of the project will be taken. Several journals, conferences for publication relevant to ISS-EWATUS will be considered.

Outcomes of the project will be published in newsletters of the institutions involved in the project.

Press release it is an announcement to the national and local press about ISS-EWATUS.

Materials about ISS-EWATUS project in printed form will be handed out at e.g. conferences, an electronic version will be circulated electronically.

Reports on specific topics can be posted on ISS-EWATUS website, so they will be accessible to a wide audience.

Information about application and participation in water management organizations and networks will be reported.

Information about European initiative, innovation, networks for water management will be presented.

Information about and links to the other EU ICT in water management projects are established on ISS-EWATUS website that will intend facilitate targeted information dissemination and allow the consortium to widen the potential applications of the results.

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